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A beautiful collection of necklaces in shimmering precious metals and delicate semi and precious stones. We make sterling silver, gold plated and solid gold pendants. Tiny diamond charm necklaces, long layered pendants and engraved coin necklaces. A collection that is truly as individual as you are.

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Light Blue Amazonite Talisman PendantLight Blue Amazonite Talisman Pendant
Online ExclusiveUlla Shell Pendant On Royal Belcher ChainUlla Shell Pendant On Royal Belcher Chain
Online ExclusiveThe True North Pendant Royal Belcher ChainThe True North Pendant Royal Belcher Chain
Online ExclusiveEternal Sea Serpent Talisman On Margot Swivel ChainEternal Sea Serpent Talisman On Margot Swivel Chain
Online ExclusiveMoon Ray Talisman on long Figaro chain with Albert swivelMoon Ray Talisman on long Figaro chain with Albert swivel
Online ExclusiveSelkie Shell Pendant On Lana Box ChainSelkie Shell Pendant On Lana Box Chain
Online ExclusiveMermaid Talisman On Long Figaro ChainMermaid Talisman On Long Figaro Chain
Mermaid Talisman On Trace ChainMermaid Talisman On Trace Chain
Moon Ray Talisman On Trace ChainMoon Ray Talisman On Trace Chain
Online ExclusiveCaiman Crocodile Resilience Talisman Belcher ChainCaiman Crocodile Resilience Talisman Belcher Chain
Shade Talisman Pendant On Trace ChainShade Talisman Pendant On Trace Chain
Eternal Sea Serpent Talisman on Trace chainEternal Sea Serpent Talisman on Trace chain
Online ExclusiveArray Star Talisman On Margot Swivel ChainArray Star Talisman On Margot Swivel Chain
Online ExclusiveLion Heart Talisman On Royal Belcher ChainLion Heart Talisman On Royal Belcher Chain
Caiman Crocodile Resilience Talisman On Trace ChainCaiman Crocodile Resilience Talisman On Trace Chain
Mini Sita Necklace MoonstoneMini Sita Necklace Moonstone
Mini Sita Necklace Moonstone Sale price£110.00
Water Charm Pendant Pale AquamarineWater Charm Pendant Pale Aquamarine
The True North PendantThe True North Pendant
The True North Pendant Sale price£154.00
Array Star Talisman PendantArray Star Talisman Pendant
Array Star Talisman Pendant Sale price£154.00
Spirit TalismanSpirit Talisman
Spirit Talisman Sale price£154.00
Mini Sita Ruby NecklaceMini Sita Ruby Necklace
Mini Sita Ruby Necklace Sale price£120.00
Online ExclusiveAstra Pendant Royal Belcher ChainAstra Pendant Royal Belcher Chain
The Royal Lion Sun NecklaceThe Royal Lion Sun Necklace
The Royal Lion Sun Necklace Sale price£240.00
Olivia & Leilani statement NecklaceOlivia & Leilani statement Necklace
Sunbeam Diamond Pendant 9ct Solid GoldSunbeam Diamond Pendant 9ct Solid Gold
Mini Sita Necklace 9ct Solid GoldMini Sita Necklace 9ct Solid Gold
Beachcomber Talisman Shell NecklaceBeachcomber Talisman Shell Necklace
Beachcomber Shell NecklaceBeachcomber Shell Necklace
Beachcomber Shell Necklace Sale price£154.00
Water Talisman NecklaceWater Talisman Necklace
Water Talisman Necklace Sale price£115.00
Earth Talisman NecklaceEarth Talisman Necklace
Earth Talisman Necklace Sale price£115.00
Fire Talisman NecklaceFire Talisman Necklace
Fire Talisman Necklace Sale price£115.00
Air Talisman NecklaceAir Talisman Necklace
Air Talisman Necklace Sale price£115.00
Coco Palm Talisman NecklaceCoco Palm Talisman Necklace
Coco Palm Talisman Necklace Sale price£158.00
Guardian Talisman NecklaceGuardian Talisman Necklace
Guardian Talisman Necklace Sale price£140.00
Ondine Mini Talisman NecklaceOndine Mini Talisman Necklace
Amazonite Talisman PendantAmazonite Talisman Pendant
Amazonite Talisman Pendant Sale price£138.00
Sita Moonstone PendantSita Moonstone Pendant
Sita Moonstone Pendant Sale price£110.00
Astra PendantAstra Pendant
Astra Pendant Sale price£158.00
Olivia & Ondine statement NecklaceOlivia & Ondine statement Necklace
Sunrise Pendant Moonstone Sale price£120.00
Ondine Talisman Pendant Sale price£158.00
Leilani Talisman Pendant Sale price£158.00
A New Phase Pendant - LargeA New Phase Pendant - Large
A New Phase Pendant - Large Sale price£130.00
Meet Me Under The Moon Mini Sale price£115.00
Palm Heights Necklace Sale price£158.00
Margo Chain NecklaceMargo Chain Necklace
Margo Chain Necklace Sale price£158.00
Tellin Shell Pendant Sale price£120.00