The Beach Club Collection - T-shirts and Tote Bags

Cabinet Jewellery T-shirt & Tote Bag Collection

We have been working on something a little different these past few months and now finally we are extremely excited to launch our first ever collection of t-shirts and totes in collaboration with the Mercantile in the Cayman Islands.
We have created everyday functional tee shirts and tote bags that embrace our love for the tropics. They have a laid-back nostalgic feel and a sun-bleached colour palette that will just keep getting better with age and loving wear and tear. We spent hours pouring over Pantone colour charts making sure that the tones were just right and that our fonts and layouts were perfectly balanced.  Wear them with all your favourite & treasured accessories, tucked in, tied up and styled to suit you.

. Designed with a conscious attitude, our garments have been individually printed to achieve their unique colour.

. We only use water-based inks, which are both PVC free and solvent free.

. We have carefully selected to work with partners who use Earth positive manufacturing utilising wind and solar power and have fair wear certification.

. Using organic and recycled materials.

The T- shirt has been a massive part of my wardrobe staple since I can remember. This diverse piece of clothing that originally evolved from undergarments used in the early 19th century, quickly becoming an iconic staple in the world of fashion and one of the most powerful. With its blank canvas there came the ability to add fonts, typography, printing, and changing the way that messages are shared forever.

Our designs quite simply just share our message to slow down from time to time and take in the view.  When we initially started to explore this idea we wanted to be sure that we could take a more ethical approach to how we created garments, using materials and techniques that are better choices for the planet as we all know it's possible. It means your margins are tighter, and your production more challenging, but ultimately it’s so much more rewarding.
We hope that you love them and look forward to seeing you wearing them with our jewellery.