For The Love Of Layered Jewellery

I am a true lover of layers, for as long as I can remember I have been interested in mixing textures and tones, old with new in a variety of styles. For me “layering” whether it’s in your home interior with colour and collectables, cooking experimenting with spices and flavour or your clothes and ultimately your jewellery, they all tell a subconscious story. The choices we make tell a never-ending tale about our personalities that continue to unfold with every new day.


As a brand we are not trend led nor are we fast paced, we design pieces of jewellery with stories to tell and want our wearer to create their own unique collections that mean something to them and reflects their own style. Through developing our collections we have organically discovered combinations and pieces that work harmoniously together, yet continually we are inspired by the unexpected pairings.


Mastering the art of layering your jewellery can at first seem intimidating especially if you over think it. You definitely don’t want your look to be over styled or too perfectly placed, instead you want it to look effortless and collected, kind of like donning your own little array of treasures that you are letting others appreciate when you wear them. I myself am guilty of putting the same jewellery on day in day out... but hand on heart I still layer my pieces. I wear some very special pieces of jewellery that I have been given by family and dear friends mixed with a few of my favourite pieces  from different collections that we have created over the years, but every now and then I drop in a new piece.   We all have our favourite pieces, and this is where you can start to add the layers, by keeping these pieces on and then adding to the collection. It's fun to experiment and see how things can sometimes look very different if you add or subtract a piece. You can go from pretty and feminine to edgy and bold, all by changing a few simple things.


It's really important to get the most out of your jewellery and this is where simple additions and changing combinations can make all the difference. I would suggest starting with necklaces, having fun with different chain lengths and scales. Start with a delicate small necklace and perhaps add a couple of longer necklaces at varied lengths, try a larger scale pendant as your longest necklace or how about a collection of charms on one chain, playing with scale and movement. 


If you feel like your necklaces are not working or fighting with your chosen top or dress then consider the neckline that you’re wearing, the simpler it is the more decorative you can be. A great look in my opinion is a plain t- shirt paired with a oversized jacket, check out the American Vintage jackets Lorna Ruby. Generally, wearing more neutral and plain colours when layering is best. It really makes the jewellery speak for itself. V Necked dresses also look great if you want to really focus on your neckline, do not be shy to mix metals, textures and stones; this creates an interesting feel… have fun with it.


You can also create endless combinations when you look to your earring collection. Our hoop earrings like the Bamboo styles along with smaller diamond ear cuffs, the dawn ear cuff or the thatch palm cuff, all look great worn together, especially if you have a few piercings. Adding really fine studs to the mix would add detail and curiosity like our Neptune studs.


You could also experiment with adding a bright pop of colour to your lips and transform your look to being more dressed up just by adding a shade of colour to your make-up. Jewellery should transcend and compliment your looks and your own personal style. Feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear is both empowering and uplifting, embrace and discover your style  

We have put together a pretty cool edit of girls who are wearing our jewellery with serious style and getting creative with their layering… Hope you enjoy and get some inspiration for summer styling.


To create your own layered look consider the following three tips. 

 - Start by pulling together your favourite pieces of jewellery that you already own.

 - Be inspired, take some time to seek visual inspiration and earmark what styles and looks you want to achieve. 

 - Ask yourself what pieces are missing in order to complete the look that you want to achieve.

By using your existing pieces with some carefully selected new, you have created something personal.




Clothing: Lorna Ruby Clothing 

Photographer | Photo credits: Cabinet Jewellery | Chloe Upton Studio