She who walks in the sea

We thought we would share a little throwback to one of our favourite shoots with model, free diver and ocean explorer Coral Cay and photographer Chloe Upton in the West Indies last year.

This is a place that has given me some of my most treasured memories, it’s where I started out my life and love for the beautiful forms found in nature and the crazy wildlife that we share with our epic planet. Cabinet Jewellery has been a natural evolution of my lifelong affinity for collection and curating. My childhood roots are firmly in the West Indies, leaving a lasting impression on my soul.

This particular stretch of beach has been present throughout my life, from tropical adventures, exploring as a kid, to first loves and getting married under the sea grape trees. It’s always going to hold a special place in my heart.

So just for now we will channel our love for the ocean and its shoreline and dream of our next adventure. We hope you enjoy a little escapism, showing how we love to style our jewellery from one island to another.

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A collection that can be truly individual.