There are not many people who can honestly say that they met, fell in love and got married all in the same place….. Yet Madeleine and Rich an architect and a Creative managed to do just this… A magnificent cliff top wedding in St Agnes’s along the Cornish coast line.

There was an air of grand theatre mixed with rustic charm that bound this wedding, true energy and passion fused by the elements that surrounded it. A huge tent that looked as if it had come from Indian origins, its beautiful blue pattern that bellowed through its floating canopy was the perfect setting for this detailed and textural masterpiece. A huge rustic wooden floor filled the ground of the tent while perfectly aligned trestle tables adorned with unique settings for each guest were beautifully laid out. Striking flower arrangements embellished each table with a carefully crafted mix of feminine accents with a darker more masculine undertone, deep burgundy leaves and black velvety corn flowers sat amidst softer herbs and subdued roses in an array of refined tones. Sourcing much of their materials from this part of the country using Laura Hingston flowers who specialises in breath taking flowers, sourced from both her own fields and local growers.

The attention to detail was indeed a testament to this couples vision and everywhere you cast your eye there was something new to behold. Waitresses circulated with raffia serving platers filled with costal inspired canapes, delicious shrimp skewers and sautéed scallops were passed among the guests, once again working with local food company Event Cuisine Cornwall on their outstanding menu. The fusion between a refined costal dining experiences mixed with elements of artisan scandi tradition worked harmoniously together to create a wedding that would be truly unforgettable.

The bride wore an incredible botanically embroidered ivory gown made by one of my favourite designers Alice Temperly, accessorised with a soft bronze head dress and nude veil from Emmerling that caught the cliff top breeze that wrapped and danced its way around her. She wore a delicate family heirloom, a gold and pearl necklace from her grandmother and Her striking groom wore an exquisitely cut suit from Paul Smith.

It was an absolute pleasure to have been a part of this couples creative process when creating their wedding bands. The concept for these pieces evolved from Madeleines Family heritage in Sweden where we drew elements from her relative’s wedding bands from past eras in order to achieve a soft contoured shape for these matching 22ct gold wedding rings with personal hand engraved details inside the bands. 

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