As we all know a wedding signifies the start of the rest of your life with the one person that you choose to love unconditionally...Through the adversities life throws at you, celebrating the good, working through the bad, and in sickness and health. Love comes in so many shapes and forms and its definitely something to celebrate.


Harriet and Simon - A love story that has already span over a decade, childhood sweethearts that were destined to be together.


Simon and myself started this journey almost a year before he proposed to Harriet, his attention to detail and care for his design was second to none. It’s one thing designing a ring for a dear friend, but designing a ring for a friend to give to another friend really adds to the pressure of getting it right!


There are many things to consider when you are designing a ring, the special touches and personal details are what I believe makes a piece unique and this is where the emotional connection becomes so much deeper. When you go through a design process you are prompted to think about all the reasons you choose to create something for someone and that’s pretty special in its own right. As a designer I feel privileged and often humbled to hear the stories that my clients share with me in order to create a ring, or a piece of jewellery that symbolizes their love. It is a creative journey to convey and deliver their vision into a bespoke piece to keep and treasure for a lifetime.


Now back to the wedding, as I have been desperate to share this with you all for such a long time... Harriet and Simon's wedding was in the Cayman Islands in the West Indies. They chose to get married in a beautiful private residence, on the the banks of the north sound. The backdrop was truly breathtaking and it was clear to see why they had selected this tranquil setting. A huge estate with a wild looking garden that was landscaped just enough to look perfectly considered yet wild and natural in all the best ways. The ceremony itself was set among established tropical trees that cast beautiful dappled light and shadows across the ground. Huge palms offered shade and framed the arch where their service would take place just before dusk when the heat of the day had subsided. There was the soft sound of the ocean beyond, and the birdsong that drifted through the air with the smell of jasmine and fruit trees.


Harriet herself is impossibly beautiful and witty, stylishly chic, incredibly kind and a perfectionist in all her forms, from the very beginning her vision for their wedding day was going to be a delivery like no other. Classic elements that would stand the test of time mixed with quirky details that made the whole concept totally unique and personal, there was a strong focus on the wild looking flowers and foliage that adorned the ceremony and celebrations. Lush greenery offset with soft cosmetic tones made a formal affair look relaxed and refined. Harriet managed to create far more than just a theme for her wedding she created a feeling.


Her beautiful lace detailed gown and light tulle veil was perfect for the setting, complimented by her over sized bouquet. She wore delicate golden layers of jewellery all created especially for her wedding day. After a truly heartfelt and beautifully composed ceremony the guests were invited to wonder around the secret garden path of the ocean front property with a glass of champagne to watch the sun set and discover where the evening meal and dancing would take place. This magical walk around the shoreline opened up to a sandy white beach scattered with tall palms that had been adorned with thousands of tiny string fairy lights, softly lighting the way into the starry night sky overhead. There was a huge wooden dance floor laid into the sand and beautifully dressed tables for a seated three course candle lit dinner, all carefully curated by the bride and groom. Napkins tied with palm leaves, illustrated menus, hand made chilly jam "a traditional wedding favour in the west indies ". Elegant oversize black silk tassel's with custom name tags for each of their guests, and finally Harriet's father's wine that had been specially shipped over from his boutique vineyard in the UK to mark this very special occasion. There were heartfelt speeches by the bride's parents and the grooms rather unconventional "best woman" his beautiful sister, who delivered a truly heartfelt and memorable speech. They danced into the night with a wonderful live band making it a night to be remembered by one and all.


As you will know if you have had your own wedding, the day goes by in an instant and you will wish for these memories to be captured just as you imagined them. Jenna did this flawlessly, covering every last detail and moment, we were so delighted to be able to share these pictures with you and wish Simon and Harriet a life filled with love, laughter and happiness.




Photo credits: Jenna Leigh