Dubai - Off the beaten track

If you take the time to do a little bit of exploring while you are in Dubai you will find some of the most inspiring organic eateries, beautifully curated unique boutiques and you will discover there is a more laid back side to this fast paced city.

I always feel a sense of adventure each time I explore the Old Dubai souks and the Creek that has wound its way 15km from the edge of the dessert. Here you will find simple fishing boats; water taxis and vast luxurious yachts side by side and just a stone’s throw away you will find the markets, a kaleidoscope of colour and cultures, forming the more authentic roots of this vast and futuristic city. I find the endless skyscrapers can get a little overwhelming like something out of a sci-fi movie, so escaping to the dusty backstreets where you will find the famous souks filled with treasures; bartering and exotic spices make me feel like this is where the soul of the city really lies. The heat, burning incense and atmosphere here makes for a memorable experience.  

One of my favourite shops in the world... Comptoir 102 should be celebrated for its incredible attention to detail and their team’s dedication to sourcing beautiful bespoke crafts and design from across the globe. It is a true retail delight from every angle, I was so excited to see the new look and feel, along with the outstanding new beauty and wellbeing room. We enjoyed a delicious and wholesome organic brunch and explored the brands and artistry.

I can’t really say it any better than these guys...

'Acclaimed by international travel guides and fashion magazines, the space has been conceived as a home -with its kitchen, lounge, garden and terrace- combining fashion, homeware and organic café.

The concept has soon became a favourite for healthy eating and a hidden treasure for discerning shoppers with its curated eclectic mix of fashion, interior design and furniture from around the globe.The store, nestled in the heart of old Jumeira, between sea and palm trees, is a little sanctuary away from the malls. The original building inspired from 70’s Californian villas with Moorish accents, has been entirely redesigned by the owners.

Awarded best furniture store by Harper’s Bazaar and the What’s On Award of the best Healthy Restaurant in Dubai, Comptoir 102 was also acclaimed by Vogue as one of the top 9 destinations in the world for their jewelry selection. It celebrates beautiful craft and design, mixing the bohemian ethos of comfort with a trendy unconventional direction. Serendipitous finds from travels as well as collaborations with cherished designers for fashion, jewelry or home décor, are at the heart of Comptoir 102’s inimitable style.

Comptoir 102 has become a favorite for healthy eating. The philosophy behind the café is to offer a more conscious and healthy lifestyle by bringing more sustainable and nutritious food to its guests, in harmony with our body, our souls and our environment. The Café sources ingredients from local organic farms, which allows to keep the highest standards of quality. The sugar-free and dairy-free, with raw, vegan and gluten free options menu, changes daily according to harvest, just like at home! The aim is not only to serve better tasting food but also more nutritious and natural food for the body. The famous smoothies and juices are all vitamin-packed, using locally sourced fruits and vegetables, organic super foods and homemade nut milks.' -  Comptoir 102 

Finally having a chance to catch up and hang out with my amazing friend Camilla (bycamillahind) and taking the time to swap stories and be inspired together by all the surroundings of our daily adventures. Camilla is an illustrator and specialises in the most beautiful and playful illustrations, created to make you smile without fail. Her soft and diverse style has lead her to create art that can be enjoyed at any age. We explored some of our favourite places to visit that never fail to uplift and inspire ...

We were lucky enough to get the chance to pay Oli a visit at the Bvlgari yatch club in Dubai where we had a wonderful brunch with our friends, escaping the 44 degree heat outside and take in the surroundings, overlooking a pristine harbour and endless views, its beautiful tactile wooden interior is complimented by nostalgic original prints of Brigitte Bardot sailing with Alain Delon sailing with and floor to ceiling windows that look out over the poolside and water beyond, it’s quite the place to relax.





Locations: Bvlgari Resort Dubai | Comptoir 102 

By Camilla Hind Illustration 

Photographer | Photo credits: Cabinet Jewellery

Clothing: Be Kind Tee - Self Care Co.