Colombian / Milk Chocolate


With pleasant milky tones, dark in colour and with a defined chocolate and caramel notes. The acidity of the chocolate and the creamy-milk complement each other perfectly. Smooth and well balanced. 40% single origin Colombian milk chocolate.

80g - Vegetarian - Gluten Free
Chocolate origin: Colombia
Artwork: Rachael Hood


As far as I’m concerned chocolate is absolutely without doubt good for you. There are so many brands on the market now that it’s become difficult to define the ones that look really good, when ultimately they need to taste really good and also be filled with all the good stuff.  We are really excited to be offering COCO chocolate bars to our customers as a special gift when you buy any product before Mothers day as a thank you for investing in our carefully crafted jewellery. We believe in honest and passionate brand collaboration and promotion and love what COCO are doing and how they dont compromise on style or substance.

COCOs packaging is a canvas for artists and artisans alike, this is where creativity and cocoa collide and we think that chocolate and jewellery is a pretty good fit too! for us it’s all about the details and the story. We are proud to be offering a selection of COCO products with our jewellery that showcase a selection of talented artists across the papers of COCO products. 

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