Anran House

Published : 12/03/2015 10:10:47
Categories : Cabinets blog

Set within rolling hills and the stunning countryside of Devon the grade two listed Anran House sits proudly next to Tidwell Farm. Anran House is a treat for the eyes furnished top to toe with beautiful vintage, antique and one off pieces - an eclectic mix of old and new. Modern underfloor heating and bathroom fixtures, sit next to reclaimed glass dairy tanks turned into stunning wall lights, and big old wooden tables. This was the perfect setting to celebrate the wonderful Caroline Littles 30th birthday. ‘Dress to impress’ everyone certainly did, there was a sea of sequins and glitter mixed with smart monocrome tuxedos. The Cabinet team spent sequin filled evenings leading up to the night creating the most dazzling masks so that everyone could become sparkling creatures of the night. 

We took the opportunity whilst in Devon to visit the Buckfast butterfly farm and otter sanctuary. It was amazing to see such care being taken to look after and preserve our wildlife. The moths and butterflies fluttered in circles around the glass house in the streaming light, beautiful iridescent colours of neon oranges and dark blues. We found the most amazing atlas moth, one of the largest moths in the world which we were lucky enough to take home.

As we packed up our stuff, sad to leave, we met one of the owners Mike. He was kind enough to give us a tour around the rest of the farm where he explained their plans for the future. We walked into a beautiful glasshouse, panels of glass way above our heads lined the sky, big palms sat in the corners of the barn and rustic wooden tables and chairs sat proudly in the middle. We could only imagine the dinner parties we could have, the glasshouse lit by the moon on a clear night, twinkling fairy lights spanning the vast roof and plenty of flickering candles. Whose birthdays next? I want dinner under the stars. It was amazing to see his passion for reviving the old farm and even introducing farming again. Anran has so much character and warmth a place where you can see someones real love for making a house a home.