• Rose Bay

    I rediscovered some beautiful pictures from my mother’s past showing her life as a young woman living in the Bahamas. To me these pictures represent a timeless, pure and effortless beauty…ageless style for all. This collection draws upon the emotive natural surroundings of treasures from her the past.   

    A memoir....

    As I sit and reflect on these photographs I remember Rose Island as if it was yesterday.. These images from long ago swiftly evoke my thoughts and feelings of the day when Rose Island and I first met. Golden Nassau lit by the early morning sunlight that danced effortlessly across the ocean. I was young and free eagerly awaiting my journey across the turquoise glassy ocean to my dreamlike paradise, the deserted ivory sands that welcomed me with powdery soft texture. Scattered seashells adorned the islands shore line, each one a beautiful and enchanting discovery. I remember the soft colours and beautiful textures of the sun dried palm leaves that lined the empty beaches, the alluring tiger lilies and Frangipani trees filling the air with their delicate and alluring sent. Each natural detail leaving a lasting impression on my soul and treasured memories to last a lifetime.  

  • Plume

    Only existing in a few places on earth and famed for their elaborate plumage, enchanting rainbow shades and air of mystery we drew inspiration from “Paradise on Earth” to create a tonal and exotic collection with the essence of some of the most unusual birds on the planet. In total awe of their existence our collection honours their elaborate plumage and fascinating shapes. 

  • Deserts in the Dark

    By observing the sun, moon and stars navigators from the past were able to cross the desert sands in the darkness using maps in the sky to guide them. We were inspired by these remarkable voyages and the navigation way points provided by the sky above. We looked at silhouettes of these familiar and loved shapes along with pattern found in these nomadic desert lands, from sidewinder snakes to cactus plants and the colours of the desert flowers like the electric orange Mariposa Lily. This collection embodies travel, discovery, and a little romantic notion for finding your way to someone or somewhere. 

  • Lost to the Abyss

    Transcending deeper into the realms of the ocean our Abyss collection was inspired by our endless curiosity for treasures found upon the shore lines and deep trenches off the coast of the West Indies, We looked into the trenches that drop away like mysterious shadows into the unknown, this organic and refined collection is inspired by the enigmatic life forms from the deep and natures powerful and alluring elements, combining an exquisite balance of both masculine and feminine counterparts comes a captivating, highly wearable collection where subdued colours are carefully combined with sumptuous overtones.

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  • £95

    Our coin pendants are hademade with double sided engraving. The sun representing the giving of life, to bring rays of energy to your day.  Available in Sterling silver, rose gold plate, 9ct yellow gold plate Available on 16-18 inch trace chain Pendant Approx. size 25mm x 25mm

  • £98

    A beautiful twisted rope ring, that looks fantastic layered up with other rings or worn simply on its own.   his is priced as Solid 9ct Yellow. Approx. size ring width 1.2mm Handmade - UK 6-8 week lead time

Showing 13 - 14 of 14 items